History, Art, Cuisine and Wine - at Schloss Reinhartshausen these wonderful attributes of the Rheingau come together under one roof.


Where in the 12th century it was the ancestral seat of the knights, a castle was later built in which over resided several noble houses over centuries.


Since March 2013 the wine maker family Lergenmüller of the Pfalz has taken over the estate and continue the effort to manage the Wine Estate in the spirit of history: highest standards of quality for most enjoyment.


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The new owners

Dear customers,

Dear Friends of Schloss Reinhartshausen, 


with great pleasure, we can finally let you know, that the winery Schloss Reinhartshausen has new owners since March 2013.


The winemaker family Lergenmüller from Hainfeld in the Southern Palatinate, who are operating in wine within the 17th generation already, acquired a majority of all real estate and properties, including the Rhine island Mariannenaue.


Prince Nicholas of Prussia remains as traditional partner and is thus continued to produce a link between wine and Schloss Reinhartshausen. "Our family takes great pride of the "pearl" of the Rheingau, Schloss Reinhartshausen which will be with the maximum force and vision in the future market. This is a new opportunity for the winery and its employees," said Stefan Lergenmüller. 


Schloss Reinhartshausen with its very own strength, will run as an economically independent winery. Already, we are very pleased to work with an innovative and exciting new owner. Full of energy, drive and motivation we look at a revolutionary future in the Rheingau! Our wines are also in this year of excellent finesse, freshness, fruitiness and elegance. Let yourself be pampered by the excellent qualities and try our new vintage 2012th.


Yours sincerely,

Walter Bibo

(Director of the Estate)